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KyrieAnne and I are debating what Hogwarts House Anne would be in. She’s saying Slytherin. I said Ravenclaw, but I could see an argument for Gryffindor.

Though I also think it depends on when she attends and who her family is. A Muggleborn in 1870s Hogwarts would have been pretty sad in Slytherin, I think.

I’m going with Muggleborn orphan from Derbyshire (because that’s what a history search on last name Shirley told me.) Same class as Dumbledore. They were both fetching red-heads. Ravenclaw. Head girl.

What say you?

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    As much as an argument could be made for any house, I see so many parallels with Luna Lovegood that I can’t help but...
  2. addleheadedfemale answered: I have so many feelings about Slytherin. I think JKR did a disservice to her world building by not letting ANY Slytherins fight for Hogwarts
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    Ravenclaw. “where those of wit and learning…”
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    Look at this, my favourite topic ever. Like, we’ve discussed this three months ago too… As for me, I still can’t really...
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    I think I’m convinced - Anne is Slytherin. She is quite wily.
  6. anonsally answered: I did a bit of a poll about Sorting Anne a while back. I ended up thinking Hufflepuff.
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    I really enjoyed reading this. Wish we could have seen more well-rounded Slytherins in the books. Gilbert is a...
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  9. neither-saint-nor-sinner said: Yo I love Anne Shirley and I’d like nothing better than to have her in my house, but she’s no Slytherin. I’d go with ‘claw, of the Luna Lovegood persuasion.
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    This is great. I love her. I knew she had reasons. :D It’s impossible for us to say if Anne would be a Muggleborn or...
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    I do get some of your arguments for Slytherin. It just doesn’t seem right though. Okay, so we have Anne, full of whimsy,...
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    I’m not going to defend this theory to death; I agree Anne Shirley could be sorted into a lot of different houses and...
  15. scarletwinterraven said: Plus she’s always asking questions. I mean, how perfect is that for the house that needs to answer a question to get in their common room?
  16. yesknopemaybe answered: I feel very strongly that she’s not a slytherin. I could see her equally in gryf or ravenclaw. She gets a little more hufflepuff as an adult
  17. imagineagreatadventure answered: Gryffindor or Ravenclaw would be my guess. I think it’d almost depend on her mood that day though.
  18. lulabo answered: Ravenclaw—her inquisitiveness, her curiosity. I think. Now I want to take a sorting quiz pretending I’m Anne.
  19. belovedcreation answered: I say Ravenclaw, but I am totally a ‘Claw so I’m biased. AND DAMN SHE HAS A HUGE IMAGINATION!
  20. cribblesticks answered: Yeah I dunno, I think I used to have a strong opinion about this once upon a time but now I don’t know. I lean towards R but…