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I was going to post earlier about how David had gone off on retreat and the cat and I were sitting around in a morose pile fur. (He aggressively snuggled me and I was covered in cat hair.) But I rallied and washed my face and went outside. I have returned from the wilds of my city triumphant bearing the spoils of my victory: unspoiled milk for coffee, chocolate, wine, a grilled cheese (w/ tomato and avocado sandwich) and most importantly the medication I ran out of yesterday.

More than you ever wanted to know about my interior mental state today and my upcoming week:

My moroseness earlier had more to do with me being overwhelmed by things and also only getting three hours of sleep. But not getting my meds would have opened up a whole new level of ICK.

My accomplishments are small today, but I am celebrating them anyway. I’m ready to do some work and then have a meeting this eve. Followed by getting ready for a wedding tomorrow, driving out to the hotel in the suburbs, taking a meeting from the hotel, going to the wedding, being dropped off back in Cambridge by David tomorrow night. And watching him go back to NH for the rest of the week. Leaving me to have more meetings. I feel dumb for missing him so much. I live with the man. We are married. Maybe this is leftover from most of last year when he was in Texas during the week and it was awful.

My goals for this week are lofty. I need to drink lots of water. Sleep. Do a million different bits of projects. Eat like someone over the age of nine left to her own devices. To this end I am going to try to bribe myself into going to the farmer’s market on Tuesday to buy produce—because the fancy doughnut shop has stand there. I think I will go buy vegetables if there is an amazing doughnut in it for me. If I walk there and back I won’t feel so bad about eating the doughnut. At this point in my life I don’t eat doughnuts unless I am stuck in an airport or the doughnut is really worth the fat and calories. And I say this as someone who usually doesn’t give a fig about the fat and calories.

  1. lulabo said: I have discovered I do better drinking water out of either smaller glasses that I have to refill more often or out of things I would regularly enjoy drinking out of if they didn’t have water in them, like coffee mugs or wine glasses.
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