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Mr. Bearcy’s final morning as a Cantabridgian. He sat in the sunny window and wrote in his journal. He borrowed my fountain pen, after rejecting all my ballpoint pens as “too pedestrian.” (NB: I did not draw the sketch of MB and LB. That was in the journal already and I gather drawn by Mr. Bearcy himself. Though it does look like he used a ballpoint pen. I did not point that out though.)

He wouldn’t let me read his entry. He was stoic when I took out his box. He thanked me very politely and gruffly. I haven’t known many bears so I don’t if the gruffness is a bear thing, or if he was trying to contain his emotions.

Then I packed him back into his shipping container and walked him to the nearest post office. I did slip him into a plastic bag though because I thought he could use the extra protection in his travels.