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Mr. Bearcy and I took a lovely walk around the neighborhood today. He’s a good walker. (Actually he rides around in my bag. He likes the anonymity. Doesn’t like to be recognized and pestered on the street.) 

He admired the gingerbread trim on a house so I took a photo. The sky was a lovely blue, but it didn’t come out in the photo. We went to get a pedicure, but he was too shy to come out and have his photo taken in a salon—even a very small, eco friendly one.

He did help me select the color though. I’m a big fan of dark vampy polishes, but he insisted on this one. It’s called “Bella’s Vampire.” Reader, I am concerned. He avows no knowledge of Twilight and says that William absolutely does not own the movies on Blu-ray, nor are either of them Team Edward. Mr. Bearcy says he’s just heard the phrase around on tumblr. Then he made a lot of coughing noises and said that he prefers to read Kierkegaard and Camus. He mentioned that “Les Muets” is his favorite short story. He’s read it in French. He went on a great length about the making of barrels as a lost art form. It was like listening to a dissertation defense.

I think we can all tell when a small bear in a bow tie is deflecting for all he’s worth.

We stopped and had a sandwich. One of the best sandwiches ever at my favorite bakery. It’s amazing bread with sharp cheddar, avocado, tomato, and dijon. Mr. Bearcy liked the smell of it, but said he doesn’t really consume much food because his mouth doesn’t technically open.

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    I am so happy that the LBD inspired the fandom that created the fabulousness that is Mr. Bearcy.
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