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what if instead of obsessing over musicians and actors, we stalked scientists and we knew all their names and faces and ran screaming after them in the street begging for an autograph and practiced physics and chemistry hoping to impress our crushes

Who says








do that already?


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I forgot you could tell a story this way.

I have fairly severe and squirrelly ADD, but I have rules for coping. My keys go on a hook by the door. I always know where they are. Otherwise I will look for 30 mins and find them somewhere improbable like the fridge.

I can tell you right now that they are in my purse, which is not the same bag I drag my daily stuff around in. And I am outside my apartment. So. Counting my blessings. I have my phone and my wallet. I’m going to go buy a notebook and write the old fashioned way. Until David gets out of his mtg at 5.

A beer made from failed capitalist dreams and the tears of the privileged. Finally. Bitter American Ale



  • Shipping is the act of enjoying the idea of two characters being in a romantic relationship with each other.
  • The vast majority of the time, you can’t be wrong about shipping. Because shipping is enjoying the idea of two characters being in a romantic relationship with each other, and the vast…


Now, would you like some Pumpkin Pie? 



Oh… you did.

OK. Between Ivy’s post and the Pumpkin Pie reference and having just had dinner with Flourish and Ladyofthelog and Purekathryn—I am confused. What year is this?

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P.S: And you can't tell anything but apparently you're allowed to tease and torture us :p
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Yes. This is my job. I wrote for 13 hours on Monday to make a deadline. I had almost 6 hours of meetings on Sunday. This helps me feel like it’s worth it. :D




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I want little more in the fandom world than ANY Anne adaptation that properly includes Phil and the college years.

Forever sad that the second movie with Megan Follows was such a weird mash-up of books 2, 3 and 4. Give me a decent adaptation that doesn’t mistreat Anne of the Island, please.

Exactly. Books 2 and 3 alone would make a very interesting movie. I love Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie in those roles, but the second movie was just…what.

I watched the movies first, but then when I read the books I realised how frustrating the second film actually was (I didn’t even bother watching the last one tbh). There was good stuff in books 2 and 3. Why even include book 4 as well?



"enjoy high school, you’re going to miss it when it’s over" nah tho

I am still mad about high school and I graduated in like 1889.

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Just a reminder

AAAAAND Yesterday this:

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When they are family, they’re eccentric. When they’re strangers, they are crazy.
my brother




I thought our neighborhood message board just welcomed “Georg.” But it was just someone named George. He is not an outlier.

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Spiders Christopher Plummer Georg

OH MY WORD. Do the spiders sing the going to bed song? “So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good night.” Because I would not be lulled. I would wait for them to come at me. Cap VTrapp looks like Lord of the Spiders in this photo.



London photographer Julian Calverley has captured beautiful landscape all from an iPhone.

Stunning to see what beauty you can capture on something as small as your phone.  

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Never be beggars of love, always be donors of love.

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My mother said a lot of crazy things (like “You can’t get a driver’s license. You’ll kill someone and their family will sue us and we’ll lose the house.”) But she said a lot of smart things too like, “If you want a hug, offer one instead of asking for one.”

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I thought our neighborhood message board just welcomed “Georg.” But it was just someone named George. He is not an outlier.