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What the hell are “bitchy eyes?” Is this like “chronic bitch face?

ah. Exes.

We saw three bunnies out in the neighborhood tonight. THREE! I feel like I won something.

It’s horse?

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I love the way you can give a cat a piece of cheese or a blob of yogurt and they look at you like you are God.

I made a mix on @8tracks: songs for moody potted plants by imaginarycircus for Johanna.



Here’s the final five minutes of the awesome Creativity is Magic panel from SDCC. The final question from heidi8 was about the importance of transformative works and their feelings on that. Panelist are Aaron Levitz of Wattpad, Henry Jenkins, flourish theorlandojones and Misha Collins. I love what Orlando and Misha have to say especially, but I hope Flourish got to explain the OmegaVerse to someone after…

Sorry for my loud laughter and shaky camera work. I was very excited. Enjoy!

Such an amazing discussion! I have the audio from the whole panel, and I just need to get it up on itunes, perhaps as a podcast? Hopefully by mid-week - and when I get it matched up with photos, I’ll put it on YouTube too. 

We were, fwiw, too small a room for SDCC to give us a video camera which is why it’s all audience photos and video, and my recorded-on-an-ipad audio (although the annual Harry Potter fandom panel that I moderate is in a 1000-ish person room, so it was filmed, and we’ll have that by mid-August). 




anne of green gables + zombie apocalypse
(because kyrieanne and youknowwhatheaven were discussing it on my dash)

“I always thought the world was so beautiful, Anne,” Diana wept, wiping away a tear.

Anne Shirley tightened her grip on the shotgun and kept it focused on the line of undead creatures working their way towards Green Gables. She couldn’t resist letting out a huff of annoyance. “The world is beautiful, Diana dear. But we have to fight to preserve that beauty. We must continue fighting and working and striving toward the day when that beauty can flourish again. It is our job to defeat this ugliness so that our children and our grandchildren will be able to live in safety.”

Diana nodded shakily and stepped forward next to Anne. She was still crying, but her hands were surprisingly steady as she took aim.

The two women took out the half-dozen zombies in mere minutes. Months of practice had made them skilled, but also broken Diana’s spirit. Anne wished that Fred had survived; perhaps he would have been able to boost her morale in a way Anne understood a bosom friend could never do. Diana and Anne left the protection of Green Gables to drag the bodies into the designated pit and perhaps milk the cow. It was almost dinner time, after all.

They had just picked up the fifth corpse when Anne heard a horrifying moan right behind her. Diana screamed and dropped the body. Anne whipped around and reached into her apron for a butcher knife. Before she could take action, two shots sounded and the creature fell.

“I always tell you girls to bring a lookout when you dispose of the bodies,” Rachel Lynde frowned, wiping a sheen of sweat off of her forehead. “Next time you might not be so lucky.”

“Thank you, Rachel,” Anne smiled. She and Diana knelt in tandem to retrieve the body they had dropped. “Would you mind?”

“Of course not,” Rachel replied, already scanning the horizon. “I’d rather do that than touch the disgusting things.” Rachel sniffed and hefted her shotgun on her shoulder. “Products of bad hygiene and strychnine in the well.”

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OMG! Like I don’t even have words at this perfection! 

I am delirious right now. Is this real life? (For a second I got confused and thought this was the April’s Fool we did about Anne being a supernatural etiquette expert.) But no. This is better! K, let’s scrap our last 8 months of work and start over.

*waits patiently for K to get on a plane to Boston. Knock on my door. Beat me senseless with the ENTIRE Summa Theologica. Pet Bertie. Have a diet coke with David. And leave*


what if college is just five installments of $19.99

Then I either need a good lawyer or a so-so army of mercenaries willing to work fueled only by student loan rage and their frustration with the slow economy.

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L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Asker clavisa Asks:
Pretty sure Ask a Man is by Courtney Milan since there was a link to it at the very end of Suffragette Scandal!
imaginarycircus imaginarycircus Said:

Oh lord. I missed that. I am extremely sharp. Sharp as an overripe banana.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Dear Man, What think you of corsets? Sincerely, Squeezed
imaginarycircus imaginarycircus Said:


Dear Squeezed,

As a personal matter, the contents of the corset are generally more to my taste than the corset itself.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Shaughnessy
Male Admirer

Courtney, is this you??? NGL. Stephen was one of my fave parts of Suffragette Scandal. Which I never said anything about. Here is a terrible review.

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies OFFICIAL Teaser Trailer




Robert Downey Jr. loves calling Chris Evans “Dorito”.


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I just realized I’ve been shipping them. A stormy romance. Literally.

I’ll show myself out.

I didn’t feel well last night and was lying in bed feeling pitiful—holding my kindle but not reading it. David absently said, “Do you want me to rub your book?” Then he came over and massaged my Kindle and I laughed a lot. Then he rubbed my feet with the nice peppermint foot cream, which made me feel better. He asked me if I wanted to put on socks and I said no. But he said, “Yes, you do.” And he put socks on me. For some reason that was hilarious.

Basically I recommend marrying or committing (if that’s your thing) to someone who makes you laugh and who laughs at your dumb jokes and insists on putting socks on you so all the dust in your apartment doesn’t merge with your feet.